Duplicate Blog Settings/ Content for New Blogs

I'm creating a website within my MU installation that I need to duplicate. By duplicate, I mean all settings, tags, cats, content, plugin settings, etc. ..... everything down to the t at will. Everything.

I realize that nothing exists that does this (I've seen the plugin that lets you set pre-set content for new accounts, but I only want to duplicate all content for specific accounts, not all new accounts) ....

To give you a little more perspective, our "Pro" accounts will sign up via WHMCS and will be given a cpanel account / login and will have paid through WHMCS. Then I will set up a MU account for them and email them with their login details and the changes needed to be made to their nameservers. So the goal is to create these new "Pro" accounts as pain free as possible with all the settings of our Default "Pro" account within MU that will live at pro.domain.com or somewhere similar.

I'm trying to understand what exactly we're going to have build to accomplish this as pain free as possible ... any ideas about how to accomplish this and what challenges we're looking at?

Any feedback appreciated!!!

Ed Update: This is now managed perfectly by our new blog templates plugin.