Duplicate content with Autoblog

I am using autoblog 3.5.1, with wordpress 3.2.1. I occasionally get duplicate articles as a result of the feed import. I am attaching a snapshot indicating the same.

The problem feed in this case is:


but this is not the only one, there are several others which result in duplicate content, e.g. of one more:


This is the single biggest problem using Autoblog. Without the reliability of getting unique content published everytime, I am forced to put everything to draft, review all imported items and then publish, quite a time wasting effort.

Please take a look at this problem and suggest a solution. I have faced this issue with older versions of autoblog as well, like 3.4, 3.4.1, 3.5.

I use feed settings of 2 hours gap for all my feeds.


Tanvir Kazmi