Duplicate Custom Post Type From Theme With Functions

Hi there,

I was wondering if it's possible for CustomPress to duplicate a custom post type from a Theme with it's functions? For example:

I use the Extra theme from Elegant Themes and it has a portfolio section that calls in a custom post type called: Projects. That post type comes with the famous Divi Builder function, allowing you to design the post with sections and modules. It also has added custom fields and taxonomies. It comes with it's own categories, tags (Skills) and options.

To understand what the Theme's Custom Post Type; Projects exactly is, check here:

I already posted on their forum with question of renaming the whole thing into Services & Trades (instead of Projects and Skills), but they replied that it requires a lot of work and basically rebuilding the Theme. Supports stops there.

Now if I could replace it, rename it or duplicate it exactly they way it is, just with custom labels. That would work for me. Because all I want is Renaming 2 words:

Projects (Theme's Custom Post Type) = Services
Skills (Theme's Custom Taxonomy/Tags) = Trades
*Theme's Custom Post Type Categories can stay the way it is.

Any help or suggestions are welcome.
I can also create a test environment with the Theme and access if needed to customize code or anything.