Duplicate posts occurring from Autoblog import

I've contacted you guys before regarding the duplicate import problem with Autoblog.. and have made previous changes with no luck.

The main problem with duplicate posts is, I have my site syndicated with all the social outlets i can send to upon the the automatic publish.. So when a duplicate comes through, its posts, then I run a duplicate post remover, though the result is 404 pages.. (FAIL) from this I've seen a fairly substantial hit in traffic (my average traffic is about 30K per week)

Anyhow, I did apply a couple changes mentioned in my previous request, but it hasnt worked so far.

I grab a number of my feeds from feedburner and on average pull feeds anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours per day. I found that reducing the number of articles per pull somewhat helped.. but still getting endless duplicates..
What I find strange is, the titles are always the same..

If you need access or to review the site, I will happily provide via PM..

Thank you guy so much in advance WPMU rocks..