Duplicate product lines & generic images when running CSV importer

Hi Folks,

One of my clients normally runs their catalogue on ZenCart and manages the database off-line using a spreadsheet, exports a CSV and overwrites her database.

Clearly, the CSV importer works differently with Marketpress in that a) It creates duplicate products even when the SKU / part number is the same and b) generic images can only be used once. By this, I mean that one of her category lines has a picture of a Volvo truck (they are Volvo spares) in around 10,000 lines. Only the first product imports the image - then it's deleted and the rest don't have a featured image.

If I can cure these issues, we can gradually move all her sites to MarketPress. Right now though, I'm in a bit of a hole.

Question 1) Immediately, I'd like a hack to understand how I can use a generic image of a Volvo Truck / logo for 30,000+ product lines.

Question 2) Inappropriate duplicates: The ability for professionals to run an external CSV database and re-upload the catalogue for price variances etc will urgently be required else we'll have to manually delete all the products first before re-uploading them as well as uploading the product images again.

Question 2b) Assuming the duplicates are fixed, the question of how to manage these images needs to be addressed because we're going to end up with potentially hundreds of thousands of redundant images in the media library. We need the importer to check if the image currently exists before making a decision to import another one.

We have another cart we use with Joomla CMS but we normally sell that for a lot more money, we'd like to offer MarketPress for cost concious, fast development. I'd pay more..?

Please help me out. Thanks.