Duplicate Wordpress import option in Wordpress Importer

On my multisite i need to give people the option to import from a Wordpress site, which i have done.
In the Wordpress Importer plugin, i want to have the exact same import option duplicated as shown on the picture.
I want the same "Wordpress" import option to be there twice.

I maybe sound strange, but it is because i want people coming from another Wordpress based blognetwork, not to be confused if they doesn't know Wordpress.
That's why I want it twice, but only the title to be replaced.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Mathias, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    That's going to take a fair amount of customization (which you'd need to hire someone to handle for you), as you'd not only need to copy the WordPress importer plugin, but you'd also need to make edits to the plugin to avoid conflicts with the original importer plugin.

    One thing I'm curious of though. If users are to be importing from another WordPress based network, then they'd most likely know a bit about WordPress, given that the export process that generates the file they're trying to import mentions that it's a WordPress file (see screenshot below).

    Wouldn't you say that this would be the case?

    Please advise,

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