Duplicating a WP Multisite w/ Multi-DB Setup

Any Multi-DB experts in the house? :slight_smile: I have a multisite installation set up and working with multi-db. I am now creating a development environment on a new domain on the same server.

I’m getting this error at wp-admin:

Error establishing database connection

If your site does not display, please contact the owner of this network. If you are the owner of this network please check that MySQL is running properly and all tables are error free.

Could not find site qtdev.com. Searched for table qt_blogs in database qtdev_w0p3z. Is that right?

… If you’re still stuck with this message, then check that your database contains the following tables:









I have changed references to the domain in the database tables, have updated wp-config w/ the new database info, have updated db-config with the info and the new IP address. Multi-db works on the production site but not on my new dev site. Am I missing something that I need to update in the process?