Dynamic background in footer

I would like to style the footer in the Ultimate Branding plugin to be the same as the theme I have installed. How to I do that?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Tyson,

    Hope you're doing well today

    Footer Content from Ultimate Branding is added after the Page content, just before Body closing tag so that's why transparent color shows white background.

    What I did is made some adjustments in Footer Content itself so can you check it out now and see if that's what you wanted to do?

    What I did is changed your content HTML a bit and replaced margin value with only margin-top, that's to push the content a bit down.

    After that I used fixed height for this content, which is your content height plus 5 pixels above and below it.
    Then I changed the background color for the content section and that was it.

    Best regards,