Dynamic IPN (Paypal) with multiple plugins of WPMUDEV in many Multisites


I read now many - most quite old posts - about how to setup IPN
https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/multiples-ipn-dynamically-setting-the-notification-url (2011)

https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/paypal-ipn-on-multiple-domains-and-only-1-paypal-account (2015)

and external
http://codeseekah.com/2012/02/11/how-to-setup-multiple-ipn-receivers-in-paypal/ (2012-2017)


https://github.com/qarizma/paypal-octa-ipn/blob/master/broadcaster.php (10/2016)


Which again points to the broadcaster script.

Why hasn't that script not already been integrated into a plugin which could then be installed in a Master Site, which then distributes its messages to all other sites - as far as I could see only 8 sites would be possible, so how to handle if you have a multiple of them with your company?

Paypal allows only one PayPal account and i.e. 20 IPN messages would need to be broadcast. How is that possible if only 8 can be managed by PayPal like in the Octa script.

Another problem might occur as PHP7 is often different from PHP5.

So I would say that something like that here at Zappier:

Integrated into membership2 and all other plugins by wp mu dev i.e. pro sites, market press etc. which use PayPal payments would be a really great help for all of us here in the community.

Perhaps someone would write a nice tutorial way on how to setup 10 different multi-sites, which each have pro sites enabled as well as course press, market press, affiliates, jobs&experts, membership2, events+, classifieds, directory, etc.

Some of those use market press for their payments and selling of i.e. courses, others have their own payment section like pro sites and membership2 and market press. So all of them would need different IPNs, some inside one Multisite and one domain name, some with a different domain name in the same multisite and again some others in other multisite or i.e. other programs like WHMCS. How to handle this with the broadcast script in PHP7?

Or how to extend the Octa script so that also more than only 8 IPNs could be handled.

Thanks a lot