E-Commerce with Profiles – Do we need both MarketPress & BuddyPress?

We’ve read others discussing here how to use MarketPress to create sites similar to Etsy. I guess that’s similar to what we need, except we will only feature a limited amount of items for sale per day and will be rotating the featured products on a schedule. Registered Sellers upload their products to their profiles for us to review, and if we like what they uploaded, we will schedule to feature their products on the main site for sale and the Sellers will earn a commission of the sales. We need the Sellers to be able to track their commissions and order history from their account page, and Buyers to be able to track their points (earned with purchases) and order history from their account page.

I figure we need BuddyPress to work with MarketPress because we want all Sellers to have profile pages (or blog pages?) that will be populated with a thumbnail gallery listing their product submissions (featured or not). We will possibly make these profile pages public to allow users to vote on the products to help us determine which products to feature.

Is this something we could do with MarketPress alone or is the integration with BuddyPress a better way to go? If someone can possibly start me off with a tutorial or documention for integrating the 2, it will really help and be greatly appreciated.