e-commerce with various vendors, and commission structure

Good Morning Angels! :slight_smile:

OK - so i have a client who is bringing me a half-built custom woothemes e-commerce thingamabob. i'm wondering if we can't do the same, but with out-of-the-box functionality?

1 - they already have a wootheme for it, so we're just talking plugin.
2 - they want to have multiple vendors (not self-signed ones, manually approved ones) who can sell their items from the website.
3 - the vendors need to run their own products and sales, but pay over a commission to a specific account. (this process doesn't need to be automated, as long as there's record keeping)

is that functionality already built into marketpress eCommerce if we use some plugins? is there a shorter way around if there isn't?
like maybe creating subdomains, which each runs a shopping cart for each vendor, and you can access them all in one central cart or something?

look forward to hearing back from you!