e-Newsletter 2.1.1 possible bugs

Hi guys,

Not sure if others have mentioned these potential issues (just spent an hour combing through Community discussions but could not find any mention).

1. The "View e-mail in browser" link at the top of a received e-mail throws a 404. Looks like part of the path is missing eg. http://www.domainname.com/e-newsletter/view/550f031ce3e16326/ - no mention of any of the WP folders, etc.

2. HTML references to images in a received e-mail have an extra "/" in the URL after the custom template name [which is driving Outlook 2010 crazy :slight_frown: boo hoo] eg. http://www.domainname.com/wp-content/uploads/enewsletter-custom-themes/myTemplate//images/middle.jpg

3. I've been playing with the default values in the functions.php file. Found that the value of the 'BUILDER_DEFAULT_EMAIL_TITLE' that appears in the first template file to show up when creating a new newsletter (in my case the iLetter template), is then used regardless of which template is subsequently activated. Any default title specified in the functions.php of other templates seems to be ignored.

I appreciate any assistance/insight you may be able to provide.