e-newsletter and Amazon SES SMTP settings


I am trying to send a newsletter with the e-newsletter plugin using Amazon SES. I have set the SMTP credentials for Amazon SES but I am unable to send the emails (I get an error saying 'The following FROM address failed my@email.com : Called Mail() without being connected'.

I have checked that all ports (25,465, 587) are open with my host. I have tried all the ports in the SMTP settings for e-newsletter.

I have installed the WP SES plugin and this is able to send the emails via Amazon SES without any problems.

When I set the e-newsletter settings to send with phpmail, it doesn't send through WP SES since it is using the mail() function rather than the wp_mail function which WP SES intercepts.

How can we get e-newsletter sending emails through Amazon's SES SMTP settings?