E-Newsletter Bounce Settings with Google Apps Account

Hey folks.

Sorry to be so needy, but I'm hoping somebody can help me with the bounce settings on one of our e-newsletter setups.

Bounce settings are working on all accounts where the email is handled by Dreamhost. But I can't get it working on the one account that has Google Apps installed.

I know the email address and password are correct. I'm wondering about POP3 HOST (pop.gmail.com), port (110 or 995) and SECURE POP3 (none/SSL).

I have tried the following:


When I hit the TEST CONNECTION button, noting happens. Just spins for hours.


When I hit the TEST CONNECTION button, I eventually get "can't connect to mailbox".

Just to be clear ....

I have copied and pasted the email address and password several dozen times. I have reset the password several dozen times. So I am confident that my issue is not a username/password issue -- which is always most likely.

Also important, the OUTGOING EMAIL is working correctly. I can send newsletters without issues.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.