e-Newsletter - Cannot send more than 10,000 emails

I've seen other people post here about not being able to send large amounts of emails. I receive this error each time the message count reaches 10K - "Error sending mail. Please check your outgoing email settings". It appears there is a conflict with the plugin.

I've checked with my hosting company, looked at the memory available (512M), turned on the plugin's debugging, and after poking around for hours, I decided to split my subscribers into two groups of 10K or less. When I try to send to the second group, it works again ... telling me it's a problem with the script / conflict.

There is something preventing more than 10K emails from going out to one particular group in my account. I parsed the email addresses and didn't find any spaces or broken addresses. I removed all duplicate accounts, and one that looked a little fishy, but the program still wouldn't start running again.

Debugging returned the following errors:

[2016-11-11 19:06:40]Send email error: You must provide at least one recipient email address.[]
[2016-11-11 19:06:40]Send status:
[2016-11-11 19:07:36]1478891256 01 - start
[2016-11-11 19:07:36]1478891256 02 - before enewsletter_cron_send_run 1
[2016-11-11 19:07:36]1478891256 03 - set enewsletter_cron_send_run 1
[2016-11-11 19:07:36]1478891256 06 - NOT LIMIT YET
[2016-11-11 19:07:36]1478891256 07 - send_members count:0
[2016-11-11 19:09:44]1478891384 01 - start
[2016-11-11 19:09:44]1478891384 02 - before enewsletter_cron_send_run 1
[2016-11-11 19:09:44]1478891384 03 - set enewsletter_cron_send_run 1
[2016-11-11 19:09:44]1478891384 06 - NOT LIMIT YET
[2016-11-11 19:09:44]1478891384 07 - send_members count:0
[2016-11-11 20:04:06]1478894646 01 - start
[2016-11-11 20:04:06]1478894646 02 - before enewsletter_cron_send_run 1
[2016-11-11 20:04:06]1478894646 03 - set enewsletter_cron_send_run 1
[2016-11-11 20:04:06]1478894646 06 - NOT LIMIT YET
[2016-11-11 20:04:06]1478894646 07 - send_members count:0

I'm fine with segmenting my lists in lots of 10K for now. However, given the number of people who seem to have this issue, it sounds like this issue should be bookmarked and looked at more closely.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Chris,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have asked e-Newsletter developer for help on this. I'm not able to test it on my setup but even though, I suppose it is somehow related to server (one way or another) but I think the developer would be the best person to give us a clue on this.

    Please keep an eye on this thread and I'll let you know once I only get a replay from him.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Chris!

    I'm sorry I kept you waiting. I got a replay from the developer and we would like to take a look at server logs. There are two ways to obtain these:

    - you should be able to find server logs via a cPanel and/or FTP on your site
    - in case this doesn't work, please get in touch with your host and ask them if they could provide you with it

    The logs that we are looking for would be files like "error.log" (that gets created usually in your site's root folder) and/or - depending on a system your server is running on - "mail.log". Basically, any log files that are "general" and that are "mail-related".

    Could you please check your server via FTP and cPanel against these files and if necessary get in touch with your host? Then you could either change files extensions to .txt and attach them to your replay here or pack them to a single .zip archive, upload to any file storage (like Dropbox or Google Docs) and share a link here.

    This would hopefully help us identify the issue.

    Best regards,

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