E-Newsletter Customizer does not load

Hey there, as mentioned above: I have difficulties with the e-newsletter plugin.

I already deactivated all plugins and tried it with a standard-theme, but I still can't create any E-Mails.

I already saw that the Error "The theme directory "Disco" does not exist." was common over a year ago, but neither the version from the post nor the latest version do work.

This is may be somehow important: the problems started when I tried to upload a custom theme.

At first it was visible and usable, but generating a new newsletter gave me that "iLetter" does not exist error

And the problems persist despite having deleted and reinstalled the plugin

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lucas

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have visited your site and tried to create a newsletter. I've went through all the newsletter templates available and I could activate all of them. Then I added some "test content" to a newsletter (with iLetter theme selected) and even sent myself a preview - that was delivered fine as well (screenshot from my Gmail inbox):

    Therefore, I'm not sure whether you managed to fix the issue meanwhile or if I'm missing something. One thing that I noticed is that after sending a preview the plugin got disabled again and I'm not sure if it was you who disabled it or if it got disabled automatically (and that would be another issue to investigate then).

    That said, let me know please:

    - if you have disabled the plugin manually around the time I was writing this message?

    - if you're still having the issue with E-newsletter customizer; if so, would you be able to record some short screencast showing that happening for you? That would be very helpful in diagnosing.

    Best regards,

  • Lucas

    Hey Adam,

    thanks for your reply. Yes, that was me deactivating the plugin, I didnt realise there was someone else logged in.

    I just tested it and it worked with the standard templates indeed. (Maybe that was some caching problem so that the basic config took over in the meantime?)

    And then I did, what startet the problems in the first place: I downloaded a theme (iLetter), renamed it and replaced the screenshot and then I put it into /htdocsklon/wp-content/uploads/enewsletter-custom-themes.
    When I entered the customizer, I found it, activated it and successfully sent a test message.

    But then I went to "Newsletters" clicked "Create New" and there it was again: a blank page with the only message: "The theme directory "iletter" does not exist."

    So, unfortunately, that problem is not resolved :\

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lucas

    Thank you for your response and additional explanation.

    I used FTP details provided during chat to check if your custom theme is properly added and it is. When I logged in to the site I wasn't able to replicate this issue - no blank page and the "A party news" theme was available.

    However, I did notice another issue: I couldn't send preview mail if I was trying to create a new newsletter and, additionally, that new newsletter didn't seem to be saved.

    This is something that shouldn't be happening, indeed, and even though my experience was different than yours (on your site) there's clearly something wrong. The behavior actually brings possible caching issues on the table, but I don't see (unless I missed something) any caching plugins on the site. I tried to check server via Plesk but I must admin I'm not that familiar with Plesk to be able to work with it in a language that I, unfortunately, don't speak and there was no option to switch to English or any other language. I honestly didn't want to take a risk to avoid braking something.

    Could you please access your Plesk and double-check if there's any server-side cache whatsoever? If yes, try clearing it and disabling it temporarily then check e-Newsletter again. Also, if there's any CDN involved, it would be good to temporarily disable it or set in "dev mode" and check the issue again.

    If you can actually rule out these two factors entirely and the issue is still happening, please confirm that here and I'll consult that with our developers so we could find the source of the problem and fix that for you.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Lucas,

    I've jumped in to see how this behaves for me and I'm afraid that I can't replicate neither the issue you saw or what Adam experienced.
    I was able to create new newsletter and sent a preview without having any issues.

    If you're still having the same issue can you ask your host to check the server logs and see if there's any info there about what's happening when e-Newsletter stops working for you?

    Best regards,

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