e-newsletter doesn't seem to be syncing with my users to update email addresses

Hi there, I have e-newsletter installed and my client is using it to send mail outs to users on the site. There is no external list of subscribers - they are all users on the site with different roles. It does not seem that your e-newsletter plugin is syncing with the profiles, e.g. if a user updates their email address on their profile - this is not reflected in the e-newsletter member list, it still retains their old email address. This is problematic, as it needs to sync and be updated if a user updates this information. I recall your plugin claims that it does do this?

I also have a plugin installed called UPME (User Profiles Made Easy) where the users can edit their profiles from the frontend....could this be why it is not syncing?

Please advise, I really need to get this working.

Many thanks