e-newsletter double opt-in confirmation link

Background: I am using a combination of plugins to accomplish the desired result.

1. User creates a basic (free) account on the site - using Fromidable forms with Registration Add-on because client wants custom fields and data validation in the fields. Registration creates a custom email to send to the registrant. This can't be turned of without modding the code (which gets overwritten during updates).

2. Free members get newsletters. The client wants double-optin, so we're using e-newsletter.

3. Free members are upsold to a pro membership for a fee - using (wpmu) membership plugin.

The issue is that the double optin email won't fire on sign up. I am able to successfully send out newsletters so the outgoing email settings are correct. I suspect the issue is that the email that's being sent from the formidable registration plugin is firing and preventing the double optin from firing as a result.

My question is; is it possible to get the url of the confirmation link that's sent to the users from e-newsletter, so that I can insert it into default registration email? If the link includes the username or some such I can use shortcodes to replace them so each email is unique. Can someone help me find the link so I can test my theory? Or does anyone have a better idea? check out greenkardpro.com if you would like to see how things are set up. Thanks!