e-newsletter - How do you add in html view for the newsletter tinymce?

I'm looking for a button that will switch to HTML view or text view so that I can access the HTML directly in the e-newsletter customizer. Just like in WordPress where you can click text and edit the HTML code.

  • Nastia
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    Hello John

    Hope you're doing well!

    Out of the box, it is not possible to edit newsletters within WordPress environment. Though you can create your own custom templates or edit the already existent templates.

    All templates are located in /wp-content/plugins/e-newsletter/email-newsletter-files/templates/ folder. By editing the template.html you can edit the template structure. You can copy an already existent template, rename it and edit the style.css file to add changes in appearance. It will show up in Template list

    Hope this will help! Let us know if you have any further questions!

    Kind regards,

  • John
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    Thank you so much for responding, but I'm not actually looking for editing the template, but the html of the content. In a regular wordpress page you have access to the html of that content using a "text" button to toggle between design mode and html or "Code" mode. That's what I'm looking to enable in tinymce.

  • Ivan
    • Developer

    Hi John !

    You could try adding the following snippet in a MU plugin ( more info about MU plugins is here )

    function wpmu_newsletter_html_email_content( $content ) {
    	$content = htmlspecialchars_decode( $content );
    	return $content;
    add_filter( 'email_newsletter_make_email_content', 'wpmu_newsletter_html_email_content' );

    After that, you can use html-tags in all Email Content fields.

    If you want the same functionality as in a regular wordpress page and it's not enough for you - unfortunately, it's out of the box. If you are looking to hire developer, you can check the Jobs & Pros section. However, please do note that members found in Jobs & Pros, are individuals, and doesn't have any affiliate with WPMU DEV.

    Best regards,

  • John
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    Still not what I'm looking for. I'm looking to get the code view button to switch to code view in tinymce, not fields. The content editor in the newsletter (the part your message goes, not subject line or anything else, just the content or body of the email) That area is what I'm trying to get to switch to "html view" or "Code View" or also known in Wordpress as "Text View" so I can edit tags and things manually using html.

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