[e-Newsletter] Improvements to Subscribe and UnSubscribe processes

After a member unsubscribes from a single newsletter, they are added to the Unsubscribed group, in addition to all other groups. This has various consequences:

1) They are not actually removed from the one newsletter/group from which they unsubscribed.

2) They are effectively removed from all newsletters.

3) The Groups list “Members” count does not get reduced.

Changes requested in that area:

1) Only remove a member from the newsletter where they unsubscribed.

2) On the final unsubscribed page, please provide a mechanism for a public member to see and modify their subscriptions, and give them the choice to unsubscribe to all. For site members there is the My Subscriptions admin page. Unless there is another suggestion I’ll add code that checks to see if the user is logged-in, and if so, add a link from the unsubscribed landing page to their admin page.

3) There’s no report to show subscribe/unsubscribe activity. Please add this, and/or provide a hook so that we can take action on these events. It’s important to know when we lose someone, and what they were reading when they made the decision.

Regarding the My Subscriptions page, note the error in the top text:

At this page you can Subscribe or *Unsubcribe* to Newsletters