e-newsletter member groups for event RSVP not updating


We are using your events+ and e-newsletter plugin together. When we update our RSVP, the members in the member groups in e-newsletter are not updated. We have tried to go into the 'edit event' screen and then tick the boxes for update RSVP in the 'e-newsletter' section, but this does not update the members assigned to the group.

So for example, I have an event called Sample Event 5. There were 2 member groups created when I saved the event Sample Event 5 (Yes) and Sample Event 5 (No).

I then RSVP'd NO first and the member was correctly assigned to the NO group. Then I changed my RSVP to YES, and the member was added to the YES group, but was not removed from the NO group. I then went into the event and ticked the 'NO' box in the e-newsletter section, but this did not update the member groups.

Could you please advise on how to fix this issue?