e-Newsletter not importing - even the sample file?

e-Newsletter is not importing. I have tried a gazillion different methods and styles of csv and eventually even tried simply downloading and then importing the sample file you provide and it fails. What gives?

I think this is the update on the 27th that is the root of the issue. In addition to this problem I had to reconfigure all the settings after the update as well. A pain...at least I had a blank pallet and it was just settings...if it had deleted emails or members I would be freaking out but just starting our email program and haven't launched to clients yet.

This is the second major issue I have experienced this week with wpmudev products. They both occurred after updates ya'll released on the 27th...or 26th. I stay updated and have a number of sites on my network so this is kind of a big deal for me.

Please help me figure out what is going on asap. Additionally, you should be concerned these issues began after ya'll issued the recent updates for your products. Just a heads up...