e-newsletter – This must be worth some points ! ;-) lol

If you are sending mass email I think you will love this –

While looking at Amazon SES ( which you can actually currently use with e-newsletter), I have stumbled across this excellent addition from the makers of Mailchimp.

Checkout http://mandrill.com

12,000 free emails or notifications per month.

It’s not a cheap as Amazon but you can very easily set this up to send from e- newsletter (smtp tab) and with a plugin and api for all other mail eg post notifications.

I am not in any way affiliated. I was just so elated to have found this I had to share.


  • Stefanie
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Paul

    I am un-educated in the in’s and out’s of the server side of mail sending so please correct me if I am not quite right, but…

    …since you must already add your own smtp settings directly into the e-newsletter plugin, I assume there is actually nothing to add and to no need to modify e-newsletter unless you want to make it easier to use.

    It will by default (I have been) send newsletters via Mandrill (or SES) mail servers as long as you use your Mandrill/SES account smtp settings and password.

    I mention this as there seems to have been a lot of =1’s for SES in the beta thread however, it actually seems like e-newsletter already has an easy way to use these services already. (Unless the smtp tab has been removed in the beta- I will check).


    Please let me know if I have overlooked something



  • Mike
    • New Recruit

    Hi Stefanie,

    We’re just doing a little housekeeping to see if we have dropped the ball anywhere. We haven’t replied here for over 6 months which is obviously not good enough. And I apologise for that.

    Do you still have this issue? If so please feel free to open this topic and post again. If you have a different issue please create a new topic for it.



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