e-Newsletter troubleshooting

Hi there. I just installed your e-Newsletter plugin on our site and it doesn't seem to be working, or I'm missing something...

I've gone through all the main settings and everything seems to be set. But when I go to Create Newsletter to test it out, the first thing I'm running into is under the Content tab, my WYSIWYG editor is missing for some reason (using TinyMCE Advanced on the rest of the site, but here we suddenly have no editor at all). There's also an "Insert Images from Server" section at the bottom that doesn't appear to be responding or doing anything.

If I blindly type some jibberish (white on white for some reason in the editor section) and proceed to the next tab and try to Preview in e-mail, it doesn't seem to be sending anything anywhere.

If I skip the Preview section and go to the Actions tab, I can neither Save or Save and go to Send Page. Just doesn't seem to do anything.

Not sure if I'm just missing something obvious. Please let me know if you have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong, as this plugin otherwise looks very promising for our needs.