e-Newsletter vs. Tribulant Newsletter

I recently bought Tribulant Newsletter to manage my weekly mailings. I chose it over e-Newsletter for two reasons: it would do an automatic, weekly mailing and it would include excerpts of the last n posts in those mailings.

Except, well, it doesn't work. I've gone back and forth with Tribulant, and they keep wanting me to up my PHP RAM, which is now at 512M (everything but their plugin worked solidly at 64M). They claim that because I have a 17K member list, I need a boatload of RAM.

My complaint actually isn't even with that. I'm running on a dedicated machine with 8GM RAM and I could up the PHP.ini RAM allocation. My real issue is it's been five days since a tech support response, and it took more than a week for the previous round of questions. I need to get this solved quickly and I can't afford to have it take two months just to have a conversation with the developer.

So, the question is if I can migrate to e-Newsletter and how I'd get automatic weekly mailings as well as include a list of the excerpt of, say, the last 20 posts in that mailing. Can a shortcode be used in the body of a message, and then use a plug-in to generate those excerpts? Any other approach?

Also, I have five lists with five sets of users (and some cross-over). I'd ideally like to federate those lists, so users can easily see which they're subscribed to and which they're not.

Newsletters need to work on zatz.com/outlookpower, zatz.com/dominopower, zatz.com/computingunplugged.