Easier & More Urgent: Front End Blogging


I installed and tested this plugin with many users, and what everyone really wants is front end blogging for multi-site. That feature I think would get red hot and would be REALLY easy blogging. You already offer it with your new Wiki plugin.


  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    +1 to this. Anything that keeps users out of the dashboard will increase usability. Having to go in there for daily blogging is just another step to do. Front end blogging would be a coup-de-grace!

    Questions though- Can the front end blogging plugin be put in mu-plugins for network wide use? What kind of experimentation have you done?

  • alberti
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I don't mean just front end editing, I mean front end blogging. I already have it working at my very large multi-site network: miraculous.me. The site is under development so it won't make much sense right now. But click the first grey button at top middle, and you'll see a popup window. User enters title, content, tags, categories, custom taxonomies, etc. Then I have front end editing as well. I have total CSS control and change colors when I change child themes, for example click the top left grey button at inventions.me or private.journeys.me or determined.so, or any of the others.

    I haven't seen anyone else do a front end post creation for multi-site like this. The problem is that on a technical level my solution is not nearly as elegant or rigorous as what the geniuses at wpmudev could do. I've got java script calls at three different places just for one popup. When I need to make a change, it can take hours or days because it's complicated.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    We've been asked to add front-end posting features to this plugin before but as it really deals with simplifying the backend it doesn't really make sense.

    Of course, what you're asking for may be something we can build a new plugin.

    Moving this to feature requests so looking for +1s if this is popular....


  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    +1 again for this....

    I was thinking about this more when I got today's promotional email from WPMU.org. It featured the CustomPress plugin. Front end posting, combined with the CustomPress plugin, plus a few of the enhanced widgets and WP developers would be able to set up review sites extraordinaire.

    Visitors/members could write their own reviews for movies, books, wine, tea, coffee - you name it. All kinds of different custom posts could be created. Front end post creation would enable developers to create a unique reviewing/blogging experience to their brand, niche or whatever whim they have, without having to rely on the WordPress dashboard as the interface.

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