Easier way to migrate widgets & other data to Multisite?

I joined WPMUDev because I’ve grown my business to the point I need to consolidate a lot of WP installs into a few Multisite installs to make them easier to manage. I’m just migrating my first site, and well, it’s pretty easy/smooth, except one thing: the widgets.

Does anyone know of any good options/shortcuts/hacks to grab the widget data from the database and import it on a multisite subsite? It would be nice if it could also grab widget logic data, as well as things like the site name, and various other data, such as the main settings (like “Front page displays” and other that affect the appearance of the site).

I’m sure a lot of people have been through the same process I’m going through, has anyone built a plugin or other tool to speed it up? Thanks in advance for any help/ideas/direction you might have.