easily change colours for existing scheme


i love the “Ultimate Color Schemes” option in Ultimate Branding.

There are a lot of options for colours;

Links, Forms, Core UI etc. etc.

I want to customise the plugin’s “Ultimate” scheme and use it as the “Default Admin Color Scheme”.

problem is there are so many options as mentioned above, it may take forever to figure out all and I can easily miss some not knowing exactly where each colour applies.

However, WordPress’s preset “midnight” colour scheme most closely matches what i want with a few exceptions.

how can i easily see or compare these colours with the provided list/options ?

obviously i would have to go through every single Links, Forms, Core UI etc. etc. and try to match them up.

– feature suggest : choose an existing colour scheme and see all colours appear below where they can be adjusted with the descriptions (fine grain so to speak).

in the mean time is there a break down of wordpress default colours on wordpress.org or any other site to make this easy ?

i hope i have explained myself properly.

kind regards.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi there, Randall!

    There is a much easier way! : )

    First off, you can find the CSS files that define the colors used in the Midnight theme can be found in yoursite/wp-admin/css/colors/midnight

    You can find the hex numbers for each of these colors by right clicking them on your admin page, and selecting: Inspect Element. A toolbox will pop up, and the color (it will look something like this: #000000 or #000, with the actual color code replacing the 0s. Copy that color code to a text file and label it with a color name, so you’ll remember which number is for blue and which one is for orange.

    Next, open up the CSS file for the Midnight theme.

    Use the “find” tool (hit ctrl-f) to find each instance of that number in the file, and replace it with the hex color code for the color you want. Most text editors also come with a find and replace all feature, which is even faster. : )

    Now – be sure to save a copy of this file on your computer, you’ll need to re-upload it every time WP updates. (A 20 second task, tops.)

    Next, go to your FTP and replace the current CSS file with your edited one.

    Refresh your admin page (you may need to clear your browser cache to see it) and make sure the colors are how you’d like.

    Hope this helps!

  • amused
    • friend of Bill. W.

    this is amazing stuff Michelle.

    thanks a lot.

    the “Ultimate Color Schemes” offered is so great i feel a bit greedy for still asking about my suggestion as a feature request.

    The idea basically is to easily and quickly edit the default wordpress color schemes, and also save that to use as a “pre set” or “default”.

    will proceed with your suggestions.

    thanks again.

    Resolved !

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