[Easy Blogging] Bug: Big issues remaining in 3.1.1. (Menu Items and Wizard Mode)

Remaining issues I still notice after the upgrade:


– Adding menu items in the settings screen does not work; will actually not display them in Easy Mode

– Adding an Icon to the new menu item does not work; will not display the icon on the Settings screen

Please note that the process of adding icons is not very intuitive. Please enable users to enter the icon URL directly. Note also that the overlay which appears when clicking the Choose Icon link shows on the From URL tab a “Video URL” which is confusing…


– Step button labels on the Wizard Mode screen menu show overlapped due to conflicting CSS. Issue is hard to reproduce consistently since I think it depends on the order in which the browser ends up processing the CSS instructions. Details in separate thread at https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/easy-blogging-bug-quirks-and-overlaps-in-display-of-step-titles-in-wizard-mode