Easy Blogging causing Dashboard to be redrawn over and over again

I installed Easy Blogging on 2 different sites on two different servers. On both sites, after logging into the admin area, the plug-in starts redrawing the Dashboard over and over again in a continuous loop until the browser crashes.

The problem occurs on two different servers. Both servers are Linux/Apache running PHP 5.
Local computer is Win7 Pro 64bit.

Once activated, the only way to recover is to delete the plugin's files via FTP.
Site 1 is Judithwilliamson.com and is using the default Twenty Ten 1.2 theme.
Site 2 is kenclanton.com and this is where I have tried to isolate the cause.

It doesn't appear to be choice of theme:
I am currently using Mandigo 1.42 but I have also tried themes such as Business Portfolio and Business Feature; the same problem occurs with all themes.

It doesn't appear to be a conflict with other plug-ins (unless with WPMU DEV Update Notifications):
I eliminated all plug-ins other than WPMU DEV Update Notifications and Easy Blogging.

The problem occurs in Internet Explorer (8.0), Firefox (3.6.15) and Chrome (10). I did not test Opera.
Using Firefox, if you try to close the page, this message appears:
A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding.
You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.
Script: http://www.kenclanton.com/sitecms/wp-admin/index.php#noteasy:128

Please let me know what troubleshooting steps I should take next or what additional information is needed.
Note: The browse button for selecting a picture to add to this post does not work, at least in Firefox. Clicking in the box does work.