Easy Blogging conflict with page quick edit.

Have had a problem with quick edit in the pages. Basically I lose the options to change order, choose the template and to allow comments.

It became an issue for me as quick edit is the only place I know where you can set the option to disallow comments on pages. Turns out it is the easy blogging plug-in as when I disable it the above fields all return.

Not after a solution as I am happy to remove the easy blogging plug-in but thought I would report in case anyone else has a problem or you get the same issue on your test rigs.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Thanks for sharing this!

    Can I ask for a little more detail about the set up you have please so we can troubleshoot?
    - what version of WordPress are you using?
    - what version of Easy Blogging?
    - do you have any other plugins installed, what are they?
    - what theme are you using?
    - are you using Multisite?


  • hucknallite
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I am using multisite and all plug-ins are up to date - Except advanced theme widget - 1.0.3
    Theme on main site is NELO.
    Plugins in there are:

    Admin Ads
    Admin Footer Text
    Admin Help
    Admin Message
    Admin panel Tips
    Anti Splog
    Avatars for multi-site
    Blog Types
    Contact Form
    Custom Dashboard Widget
    Dashboard Widgets Order
    Easy Blog Tool Tips
    Footer Content
    Google Analytics
    Login Image
    Mailchimp Synch
    Mass email sender
    Multisite Plugin Manager
    MU support
    Rebranded meta widget
    Remove Permalinks
    Remove WP Dasboard Widgets
    Signup TOS
    Site Generator Replacement
    Site wide text change
    WPMU Dev notifications


    automessage admin only
    avatars BBpress (Don't have BP - Removed once and caused problem - related to something else I recall?)
    easy blogging no-one
    marketpress blog by blog
    membership blog by blog
    popover blog by blog
    quick page/post redirect admin only
    test head footer comes with popover. Doesn't like being deleted

    Simple:press blog by blog
    wordpress SEO blog by blog only SEO plugin which works with forum
    WP mail SMTP admin only couldn't get email working without this
    WPtouch blog by blog for mobile websites

    Must Use
    additional tags
    advanced theme switcher 1.0.3
    AVH against spam
    blogs directory
    dashboard feeds
    supporter (appears twice in list for some reason!) and supporter files
    Domain Mapping

    Drop ins
    Blog suspended

    Have an ongoing problem getting membership to work... see Dave about that one.

  • hucknallite
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    When I was troubleshooting I disabled in groups and narrowed it down then got the full quick edit menu back when easy blogging plug-in was disabled.

    Following your suggestion I have deactivated all the plug-ins in the network manager option and with only easy-blogging activated the same problem has occurred.

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