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Right now I don't allow anyone to exit easy blogging, however I would like to allow it for admins but, I'd like new users to not have to selected between easy & classic mode - but default always to easy. i.e. exiting easy mode is an exceptional thing.

Does that make sense?

Is there are way to do this, as I can't find it the way?

Also in an ideal world, I'd like to move the exit easy mode to the top right nave bar to make it more consisent with entering easy mode. I'll doa screen shot to explain. Is there are hooks or features I can use to hide the index.php?wdeb_off on the side menu, so I can pop it on the top menu?

  • Patrick
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    Hiya @ROIBOT

    In the Easy Blogging settings, there is a section that allows you to Force "Easy" mode for user with this role

    Simply check the roles for which you want Easy Blogging on by default. Leave the admin role unchecked, and admins will be able to switch back and forth.

    As for moving the "Exit" link, I'll flag the developer to see if he can shed some light on that.

  • Fullworks
    • The Bug Hunter

    Thanks Patrick,

    The first part is the easy bit :slight_smile: I got that OK.

    The bigger question I have is setting the default mode, which if you simply untick administrator they automatically go into 'advanced'. Of couse there is the option to request at the first time what to use as default, easy or advanced, but I want to even avaoid that initial question. I'm sure it will be driven off a user setting so I will be able to dig that out and set that when a user is created - but I'll have to dig around the code a bit to find what user setting to set.

    Regarding the switch, I have had a look at the code, hiding the exit button but leaving the exit functionality switched on hasn't got any hooks / filters in the code, and the <li> is classless but the next link has a class id="wdeb_exit_easy_mode" so its a bit hacky but I could write a little bit of jquery could hide that easily enough. And effectively the same goes with the new button on the top right, as the 'enter easy mode' is set up using jQuery.

    The easy blogging module plugin structure seems to be easy enough, so I should be able to crack some code to effect the button move as a plugin

  • Fullworks
    • The Bug Hunter

    Just to let you know,

    I wrote a little bit of code to add 'enter easy mode' to the traditional menus on the left in approx the same place as exit easy mode, so that the user is in the same approximate area, while I was at it I added a logout in the same area, so the easy blogging users had a logout in the same area.

    I then 'hid' the toggle button using the existing Ad-On Admin toolbar switch button.

    Then for existing users, that used to be forced to Easy Blogging, to set up them to default to Easy Blogging, I turned on 'Hijack start page for new users' and then applied a modification to the database (always backup - do at your own peril ) to switch the default mode for existing users (that were already used to Easy Blogging, so didn't want them to have to choose )

    INSERT INTO  wp_usermeta ( user_id, meta_key, meta_value )
    SELECT DISTINCT ID,  'wdeb_autostart',  'yes'
    FROM wp_users

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