[Easy Blogging] Feature Request: Terminology and other tweaks

These are more of nit-picks, if I may...

I suggest replacing "Wizard Mode" with simply "Wizard". Reason being that currently "mode" is used by "Easy Mode". Using that name for the wizard as well may seem to imply a sibling, modal relationship; like you can be in wizard mode -or- in easy mode. Since this is not actually the case, as the wizard is an option part of the "easy mode", I suggest dropping "mode" or replacing it with something else as far as the wizard is concerned.

Allow users to pick icon packs (or even individual icons) independently from color scheme. The main thrust for this is that I find the default "Dashboard" icon, part of the default blue skin, as not being representative of an actual dashboard. I want to change it but currently there is no simple way to do it. There are some workarounds that come to mind but none are really feasible currently. SO I will not be suggesting how the user may go about it and rather just mention the user scenario to be addressed. OR... provide a more "dashboard" looking icon for the blue color scheme ;-}