Easy Blogging for New User starts a loop

Once a user registers for a site, if they have not been associated with a blog other than the MAIN blog, attempts to view profile results in some form of loop.

1. Install Easy Blogging & Activate
2. Allow User registration on multisite
3. Click Easy Admin button and wait for load.

Existing/Blog Associated Users - Dashboard Loads without issue
NEW USER: Resolves to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/user/?c=1

See screenshot for looping behavior.

WP: 3.1.1
Version 2.0
Multi-Site: Yes
Note: Previously had Easy Blogging Wizard turned on, and Network Deactivated.

  • wyltgmm

    My pleasure to help. This isn't the case with the scenario defined;

    however, I've identified a similar issue, that you may want to fix at the same time.

    1. Admin Menu Editor has been used to change Menus.
    2. Menu Editor Setting --- For Create Post - Required Permission == Super_Admin
    3. Login as Admin User for a Blog
    4. Activate Easy Admin view
    5. Click "Create Post" tab.
    Result: The screen refreshes with two Create Post windows, one inside the other. Because the windows are inside one another, the user is not able to use scroll bars to navigate within the current Create Post window.

    I've replicated this issue for the following tabs Create Post, Create Page and Comments.

    Can I mark this Forum Post as "Resolved" or do you need it to get Dev work completed?

    Thanks for developing an awesome product!!

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