Easy Blogging issue


I have been customizing Easy Blogging module for the last couple months to meet the exact needs of our site and community.

I released a number of trainings on how to use the Easy Blogging area for our clients.

Just got reports back from a number of our clients that had their site before we added Easy Blogging and when they try to access easy blogging area it doesn't load the appropriate scripts and css.

I've browsed through the code and found what causes it - I think. The code includes a verification that the blog did not exist before the plugin was installed. If the blog existed before the plugin was installed then it can't load the easy blogging area.

The only thing I can say to that it, "What the "·$%&·!?)/&%"

Why would the Easy Blogging module be designed to only be accessible for newly created blogs?

How do I make it possible for all my previously existing sites to be able to access the easy blogging area?

I tried to modify the code to achieve this but it is a bit more technical than I anticipated.

I hope you can help me to resolve this one quickly as I modified my entire template (which includes and wordpress menu accessible from the front end) to only include links to the easy admin area. It was after doing this that the support calls came in because they now get a broken looking Easy Admin with no link to get to Advanced. Ooops!


  • wlpdrpat

    Apologies for the harsh words. I think I misunderstood the code. After reading it again - it is just starting them in the Advanced admin but should allow them to go to easy admin.

    However, at this point it appears that any user that is not Super Admin gets a broken looking Easy Admin area.

    I'm scouring the code looking for why?

    I'm sure I will get it eventually - any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • wlpdrpat

    WP 3.0.4

    It was working perfectly until we upgraded from 2.9.2.

    After the upgrade to 3.0.4 we also upgraded the plugin to the newest version and what you see is the result. The only customizations I have made to the plugin is to add new tabs and display: none rules.

    All of the new tabs and display: none rules that I added work perfectly for Administrators.

    I don't know if there was an issue before I made modifications as I didn't check.


  • drmike

    This is the only error:

    That's actually a browser error. Can you check to see if your webserver has reported any errors in it;s logs? You'll probably need to go into whatever hosting platform your host provides to get to it.

    Having said that though, it does look like the load problems we've had here a few weeks ago with the redesign. Can you please do a hard refresh on the page that you're looking at? That would be a CTRL-F5.

  • wlpdrpat

    Manage Options!!

    As soon as I added Manage Options to the user capabilities the Easy Admin area responded. I tried every other capability and this one seems to be the one that is needed for Easy Admin to become available.

    This seems a bit restrictive that a user must be able to Manage Options in order to access the Easy Admin area.

    For our install prior to upgrading to 3.0.4 I restricted access to Manage Options to our Super Admin users only as this would allow the user to make changes that could potentially affect all blogs/sites in the install (or at least this was my understanding with 2.9.2). For example many of our plugins are shared across the network and only require manage options permissions to edit (while we were using 2.9.2) but I think this has been changed in 3.0.4 to restrict access to Manage Network (super admin).

    Can you elaborate on this for me? In 3.0.4 if a user has Manage Options capabilities can they make changes that will affect the network or are they restricted to only affect their site?

    Does it make sense that Easy Admin should only be available for Manage Options? What about the lower roles like Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber - should these roles need Manage Options capabilities and if not - then they can't access Easy Admin?

    Thanks for helping me understand.

  • wlpdrpat

    Hey DrMike,

    My apologies for poor forum etiquette. I no longer saw this thread on the page so I created the new one. I will add here for all future updates on this issue. As I mentioned in my other post it is time to take this bug report seriously.

    To test it, I created a fresh install of WP3.0.4MS and the only plugin installed is Easy Blogging, which is freshly downloaded. It is installed as a normal plugin and Activated Network wide.

    Non Administrators get broken Easy Admin area. The broken area has no link to get to advanced admin area, no link to logout, and if you visit any of the available links you have no menu options available to get to any other part of the site. Non-Admin users are literally dead in the water once they enter Easy Admin.

    This isn't a little problem. It's a major! I am pretty good at coding and the only thing that I can figure is that you didn't set the permissions needed for using the plugin and because the plugin requires that you update options when changing to Easy Admin you must have manage options permissions to do this.

    You guys are always great at working on a solution in a timely manner. However, this issue has my clients up in a frezy as they had become very accustomed to using the Easy Admin area. Just need to get it back online as quickly as possible.


  • wlpdrpat

    I just completed a line by line review of the source code for both pages (the broken page for non-admin users and the working page for admin users) and the only difference in the source and resources for the the broken page is that it does not have the iframe page - everything else is identical.

    I the page that does have the iframe there are two page sources - the admin page and the iframe page.

    So the admin page source for both are identical, which is a bit weird but there it is.

    Everything that appears to be missing on the page is actually generated by the iframe pages code, which I guess makes sense.

    So, for some reason the non-admin users are not generating the iframe.

    I am going to examine more closing the plugins code that is used for generating the iframe to see if I can figure out why it is not working for non-admin users.


  • wlpdrpat

    Hi Guys,

    I just did a fresh install of latest WP 3.1.3 and a fresh install of the latest version of Easy Blogging 2 and I was hoping to see that this issue would be resolved.

    Unfortunately, I have to report that the issue still exists.

    Unless the user has "Manage Options" capability they still get the broken easy admin area.

    Any chance this can be resolved - it has been 6 months since I reported it?