Easy Blogging issue


I have been customizing Easy Blogging module for the last couple months to meet the exact needs of our site and community.

I released a number of trainings on how to use the Easy Blogging area for our clients.

Just got reports back from a number of our clients that had their site before we added Easy Blogging and when they try to access easy blogging area it doesn't load the appropriate scripts and css.

I've browsed through the code and found what causes it - I think. The code includes a verification that the blog did not exist before the plugin was installed. If the blog existed before the plugin was installed then it can't load the easy blogging area.

The only thing I can say to that it, "What the "·$%&·!?)/&%"

Why would the Easy Blogging module be designed to only be accessible for newly created blogs?

How do I make it possible for all my previously existing sites to be able to access the easy blogging area?

I tried to modify the code to achieve this but it is a bit more technical than I anticipated.

I hope you can help me to resolve this one quickly as I modified my entire template (which includes and wordpress menu accessible from the front end) to only include links to the easy admin area. It was after doing this that the support calls came in because they now get a broken looking Easy Admin with no link to get to Advanced. Ooops!