Easy Blogging Issues

I am hoping I can get this specific issue addressed, so far none of my other issues have been resolved, and I am getting disappointed.

To speed things up, here are some details:

- Wordpress Vers 3.01 Multisite
- Easy Blogging Vers 1.1.1 [Installed in: wp-content/mu-plugins/]
- No error logs.

Other network plugins being used in-case of conflict(easy blogging tool-tips, subscribe by email, domain mapping, pay to blog is removed at this point)

On going issues:

1) 80% of the time when in Easy Admin, and I click "Activate Advanced Admin" it directs to a 404 page and basically gets stuck in Easy admin if I try and go back.
This is something I really need help with, otherwise the plugin is simply not usable.

2) I need information on how to add more tabs to easy blogging, there is no documentation covering this. I opened a ticket about this a couple of days ago here:
Open ticket: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/easy-blogging-add-tab

3) Pay to blog is not functioning in terms of it does not give option to pay until after login, and - it conflicts with easy blogging, when I try to login it just loops and hangs, so I can't use both Pay to blog and easy blogging simultaneously.
Open ticket: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/pay-before-signup