Easy Blogging Menu - suggestions

I like the Easy Blogging Menu, it's a great feature. I'd just like to suggest a couple small improvements.

On the screen where you can create / delete menu items, it would be really handy to have an Edit feature where you can edit existing items. As it is, the only option I have if I want to change something is delete the menu item and create it again.

I would prefer that the easy blogging menu work the same as the normal WordPress menu, in that when you scroll the page the menu scrolls too. I have the option selected to allow the easy blogging menu to scroll, but it's kind of an unusual way for a menu to work, and considering it's "Easy Mode", it would be better to have things work the way users expect. It's not common to have to scroll a menu. I'd prefer to have an option to just let the menu scroll with the page like normal.

When adding a new menu item, I wasn't clear on what the "Help" field is for. There wasn't anything in the usage document about what to enter there. I haven't tried it yet but I think maybe you can add text that will be used as a tooltip. Whatever the case, it would be helpful to have a little description there, or a tooltip that explains what to enter there. My initial thought was that I should enter a URL to a help document or something.

Those were just a few suggestions I had after using the plugin that would make life a little easier.