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I'm curious as to how many others are using the Easy Blogging plugin (and related plugins), and what the user response has been?

We've had mixed reviews from test users. Many like the idea of an interface with the most-used functions at your fingertips. Others find it confusing that they need to switch to another interface to view some functions.

I also like the Easy Blogging Tooltips, however the Help button seems redundant and some of the tips seem redundant since there is the existing WordPress help right there.

I'm not sure if that small additional confusion is offset by the benefit of the Easy Blogging interface.

Any feedback, experiences, etc., would be appreciated.


  • Mason


    It's a good and fair question. I have a modified version running on one network and the users seem to love it. Tried it on another and it was pretty much a disaster.

    For the install where I still have this running, I heavily modified both the easy wizard and easy interface so that wizard steps and tabs were very specific to the users needs. I think that's kinda the beauty of this plugin. It's default is ok for a basic setup, but the power here is you can create tabs for key options and remove the ones that aren't needed.

    That's my 2 cents. Anyone else?

  • jfrancisrws

    So far I have had a good response, however one of the "complaints" is that when you are editing a page, and you finish editing and click update, then you want to go back to your list of pages the link to my pages is no longer active, so the user has to click the back button twice rather than one click on the my pages button.

    Also a lot of the plugins that I have activated by default don't have their options showing up in the editor. For example I like Bluburry press podcasting plugin, but it's interface doesn't show up in easy mode so I had to switch to a different mp3 player that would.

    Other than that it is great, and if anyone has any ideas on how to fix those 2 little issues I am all ears!

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