Easy Blogging Serious Bug Report

Hey Guys,

It is time to take this bug report seriously! To test it, I created a fresh install of WP3.0.4MS and the only plugin installed is Easy Blogging, which is freshly downloaded. It is installed as a normal plugin and Activated Network wide.

Non Administrators get broken Easy Admin area. The broken area has no link to get to advanced admin area, no link to logout, and if you visit any of the available links you have no menu options available to get to any other part of the site. Non-Admin users are literally dead in the water once they enter Easy Admin.

Of course, I know how to manually enter the url to get back to Advanced Admin but my site visitors would have no idea.

This isn't a little problem. It is a major bug! I am pretty good at coding and the only thing that I can figure is that you didn't set the permissions needed for using the plugin and because the plugin requires that you update options when changing to Easy Admin you must have manage options permissions to do this.

Please tell me that you are working on a solution for this as it has my network up in a frezy!