[Easy Blogging] Set easy mode as default for only *first* time user logs in?

I’d like to have Easy Mode as a default for the first time a user sees the back-end WP dashboard. I think that is important to not scare noobs away. However, I do not want Easy Mode to remain as a default if the user has chosen the regular interface. Is this possible?

Here is what I do:

– I have multiste enabled

– I have “force ‘easy’ mode for user with this role” unchecked for all roles

– I have “Hijack start page for new users” checked

The first time the site admin log in they see the Easy interface – great. But then if they choose the advanced interface, log out and later log back in… the easy interface comes back up. They cannot seem to “graduate” to the regular interface and have it stick.

Is there a way to accomplish what I need? I would think the default behavior for the system would be to remember last used mode and default to that whenever the user comes back.


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Sounds like you have a feature request here to ‘force’ easy admin for the first time only. Anybody else looking for this? The Hiack start page feature says “Their choice will be stored and used from that point on, as long as this option is turned on.” Which is why their choice is remembered, vs whatever it was the last time they logged in.

    I like the idea of it remembering what they used last, or the ability for them to go back and change their decision at anytime.

    Making this one a feature request and will submit to the developer. Anybody else looking for this?


  • scott74
    • The Crimson Coder

    Yes , I noticed that myself , once they choose they cannot get back…. I am using admin menu pro after a rough go with it, i finally got in touch with the dev with a fix…. It does a nice job of re ordering – re naming – and allowing to upload your own image for all menus and also the ability to add links so they open as iframes in your wp admin area.. Also has ability to set the role lever of the each menu so it wont be displayed to a lesser role if you set it to..

    If this could be done with easy blogger, that would be tight :slight_smile: I don’t think the plugin I have works with easyblogger but that is what I was looking for from easy blogger…

    Change icons… Add your own menus.. Add sub menus.. rename existing menus… and the iframe/new window/current window opening of links feature.. / roles for the menus of who can access.

    Also the ability to have more then one custom widget in case you wanted to offer steps for first timers with dashboard widgets, adding any shortcodes your theme may have … videos ect…

  • Strategerizer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    At a very minimum it will be a great usability boos to have a new feature allowing user’s last known choice (easy mode vs. regular mode) to be remembered.

    As is, I can’t enable “easy mode” for anyone because I bet they’ll be annoyed if later they want to work in regular mode and have to switch the mode each time. Conversely, beginners will have to enter easy mode manually each time, until they “graduate” (or get tired of switching ;-}


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