Easy Blogging Small Switch Button Icon Background Colour


I'm currently working with your easy blogging plugin. I'd like to use the "Small Switch Button" add-on.

I can see the icon displayed at the top of the admin bar, at the top of the page, and I can easily click on this to change.

However the icon has a grey background, and doesn't really blend in well with the colour of my admin bar. I can see the icon image is a png and the background is (or im guessing should be) transparent and pickup the colour of the admin bar?!

However it isn't in my case.

Is there somewhere within the CSS i can edit to manually change the background colour, from the standard grey being currently shown, to my own specific colour?

Thanks you for your help and support in advance.


Small switch button
Deactivate Replace the standard Easy mode toggle button with a smaller, icon-based version.
Version 1.0 | by Ve Bailovity (Incsub)