Easy Blogging Suite Development

Hey all,

I realize there's some shuffling going on with the development of the Easy Blogging Suite. I had been in communication with a dev and had emailed a few issues I found while doing some testing with WordPress 3.0. I figured I'd post them here.

I have tried the Easy-Blogging-Wizard on two separate 3.0 installs and cannot get the latest version working at all. The admin page loads and is customizable, but the wizard doesn't actually present itself when a new user logs in for the first time.

Anyway, other than that, here's my thoughts and things I've noticed thus far. Thanks for all you guys do!

Easy Blogging Admin Plugin
-Using latest version if user is in "easy" mode, goes to their profile page and changes the color scheme (between gray and blue) the changes will not become effective until they switch to "advanced" mode. Then the new color shows up automatically.
-frame.php on line 61 an extra 'p' was added to the word "stops" in the latest version.
-great new CSS stuff. Love the buttons! - very effective. I've made some modifications of my own as well (like making the publish button yellow - I seriously have users who get stuck and can't find this button. Making it yellow really grabs their attention)

Easy Admin Wizard Plugin
-I can't seem to get this plugin to work anymore. I'm going to try it on a different install, but I had the older version working on 3.0-rc-3. Then upgraded wordpress to the final release followed by an upgrade of the admin wizard. Now behavior is erratic. Sometimes the wizard can be manually switched on but it doesn't show the custom steps created in the Super Admin. Other times it doesn't work even when manually adding "wizard_step=0". Can't seem to get it to work automatically for new users at all.
I've made my own modifications to both easy_blogging and the wizard plugin, but I've tried uploading the latest version of both plugins with no changes and now tried to downgrade back to what I had before and neither is working.

Again, tried this on two different installs and both times the easy admin wizard breaks. Using the older version it does come up on one of the installs though.