Easy Blogging Theme Dependent Menus - Feature Request 4


This is the fourth iteration of this feature request.

The following wpmudev members have requested for it in the past:

@sitefloat (Mike)
@ebrown (MySchoolStuff)

At the following now closed topics:




Not to be annoying but I strongly believe this needs to be a core part of Easy Blogging.

If a multi-site owner has 2 themes, this plugin can render itself ineffective. A lot of great quality themes currently are released with their own custom menus and easy blogging will not work with them.

The wpmudev member will then have three options:
- Not use 50% of new wordpress themes
- Uninstall Easy Blogging and use Barley or WP-Admin Themes.
- Log on to wpmudev forums and keep creating feature requests.

Any +1's?

Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy 2014 New Year!



  • PC

    Hello there Johnny,

    Thanks for posting on the forums, collecting the threads and posting them here.

    I totally understand your point here on the support of different themes in Easy Blogging however each theme has a different functionality on how the theme options work or how other things like in built custom post types work.

    I was thinking of more like a selection approach when you have activated Easy blogging Network wide and you Network enable a theme, you can choose what all menu options you want to show with that theme etc.

    That ways we can configure the plugin for each theme separately.

    I know its just an idea but I think the plugin will be more powerful if modified that way.

    Let me send this to our lead developer @Vladislav and our product team guys so that we can have a discussion on this one.

    Cheers, PC

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