Easy Blogging Wizard for Marketpress

Hi, I have been struggling for 2 days trying to customise this plugin for Marketpress. I think I need help :slight_smile:

1) I can't seem to get the product category to play nice with the wizard. It goes to a blank screen everytime I get to that step (no matter which step i place this in). And the user can't get to the admin page until I deactivate the plugin.

2) The last step - "Check Out Your Site" also have an option to continue writing post which will take the user back to the post page instead of the product post page. In fact, in the whole Easy Admin Area, there is no other pages other than those for blog posts/page. The poor user will be utterly confused cos there is no way to get back to the Product post page in the Easy Admin area.

I know the plugin is not specifically catered for this but is there a way that I could swap the New Post and My Posts to New Products and My Products and then point to the correct pages?