Easy Bloging and Pro Sites

The Easy Bloging Sitebar links under ‘Pro’ to supporter which leads to an 404 page if you are using Pro Sites. How can I change this for the time you are taking care of it in the next release?


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Perhaps one of the files from the attached archive may be useful to you. Easy Blogging menu is extensible and can be easily manipulated by plugins and this is what files in the archive do, they are tiny, super-simple plugins that tweak the Easy Blogging menu.

    To install them, unpack the files, select *one* of the plugins you wish (just one, this is important) and upload it to your wp-content/mu-plugins folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, just create it. Again, please, choose *one* file and upload that.

    Basically, the plugin differ in how they treat Pro vs non-Pro users. The simplest plugin, “eb-pro-simple.php”, should show a link to the upgrade page for non-Pro blogs, and nothing for blogs that are already Pro.

    The other plugins are just slightly more complicated, and depend on what (if any) Pro sites modules you have activated. For an example, if you have “Premium Support” module activated, you can upload and use “eb-pro-support.php” file instead. This one should show a link to the upgrade page for non-Pro blogs, but it should also show a link to Premium Support for Pro blogs.

    Of course, once Pro comes out of Beta, we’ll add a proper integration between the plugins, but in the meanwhile please let us know how this worked out for you, or if you had any problems.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hiya Thorsten,

    Haven’t heard back from you on this one so guessing those are working out well for ya! Pro Sites is due for release very, very soon so I think we’ll be seeing that integration very soon as well. :slight_smile:

    Just let us know if you have further questions on this and we’ll have a look!



  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Just a quick note, those plugins were made for Pro Blogs (Beta). Things have changed a bit for the official release, so they won’t work with Pro Sites (official release). However, the latest Easy Blogging release (v3.0.3, just released) includes native support for both.

  • Tee
    • The Crimson Coder

    Sorry for not coming back earlier.

    Version 3.0.3 seems to run just fine.

    During my first quick clicks I saw no wizards on the articles but pages?!

    The option for Pro Sites is gone?

    The eb-2-pro.zip is now obsolete?



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