Easy cross-ref management in Wiki Pro - How?

I'm evaluating the Wiki Pro plugin to build a Wiki. I know I could simply create lots of static pages and then link them. I hoped that Wiki Pro would provide tools of some sort to do this. If it does, I can't find them. Then again, I'm a beginner.....

Also, it appears that Wiki pages are NOT listed on the Pages tab in the dashboard. This seems odd. Can someone explain?

  • George Grenley

    It's a fair question. I have a client company that has created all of their policies and procedures as one 180-page Word document. They want to move it to the web; specifically to a WP instance they will host internally. I'm working on an overall site layout that will have a high-level TOC along the left margin, content in the main area, and a small title bar with bread crumbs above that. The content will have a fair number of cross references - one procedure might link to another. Suppose the procedure is how to order a computer. There might be instructions on specifying what you need, but also a link to the generic "how to fill out a purchase req" instruction.

    I know I _could_ do this with a collection of static pages, but it seems like the Wiki plugin would simplify things. I'm just trying to figure out how. I have in installed, but I haven't really master structure and linking yet. HTH

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @George Grenley,

    What comes to my mind, first off, would be to use the Wiki widget on the left sidebar, keeping only the root pages there (which I've done for you).

    When one of those root wikis (e.g. "Solyndra PV Panels – Design and Installation") is navigated to, a list of sub-wikis would be displayed on the page.

    If a user wishes to navigate back to a higher level wiki (say he's in a 4th level wiki entry), he could then click on one of the links in the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. The styling though could use a bit of adjustment in your case, to help make those links stand out more, I've inserted this into the Simple Custom CSS plugin for you:

    div.incsub_wiki_top a.incsub_wiki_crumbs {
        color: #0074A2;
    div.incsub_wiki_top a.incsub_wiki_crumbs:hover {
        color: #2EA2CC;

    How's this sounding so far? :slight_smile:

    Please advise,

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @George Grenley, glad that you're liking how it looks here! :slight_smile:

    I am now setting myself the goal of learning some CSS. And to figure out how you knew what to call it, etc.

    To help investigate the code for a site, I regularly use the Developer Tools inside of Google Chrome, here's an article that'll help go into detail about using it:


    In regards to resources where you can learn more about CSS, here's a few that you may find helpful:


    I see how to add a sub-wiki and make it a child. What is the "order" field for? Order of appearance?

    Yep, that'd be by order of appearance. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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