Easy way to set up a pinterest type site (users create galleries}

I was wondering if anyone would know w way {combination of plugins} to set up a similar site to pinterest. I have many photography site one of which is a great name for exactly that for photographers. I would like to be able to have people come create a user account, be able to create boards or categories and jsut have those pages be pinned with pics that have tags just like pinterest. Any thoughts?

  • DavidM
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    Hi iaonp,

    I believe that would be more of a theme-based thing than anything. I think they’re just using a totally custom theme and providing WordPress-like posting capabilities behind it, no?

    Myself, I’d use Headway theme with the Excerpts+ Leaf to provide a grid-based layout like that, along with comments and other information.

    However, getting the page to load as you scroll downward is an AJAX task that would have to be worked in somehow, some serious customization.

    Just a few thoughts on that. Perhaps others around here have some ideas too!



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