EASY way to UPDATE your plugin/theme

Hi all,

I canNot but noticing that posts like Unless you prove me wrong,… or Autoupdate is really a bad idea or …Upgrade to Marketpress lost… or even Language files are delete keep popping on the forums all the time.

I am aware of the fact that aecnu has being providing excellent solutions over and over again. I am also aware that Aaron has developed the Translation Preserver plugin. Having faith to his work, it could probably be modified or he can probably come up with something for the needs.

So I wonder if there could be an alternative solution for the issue.

Like, why not give a folder like uploads/wpmudev/ or plugins/wpmudev-mods/ for all the WPMUDEV plugins as a way of updating -but at the same time preserving modifications and/or language files?

After all, WPMUDEV presents 137 plugins !!!!

Thank you for your time.