Easyblogging AJAX issue

Hi, I have got an EasyBlogging AJAX issue. I note someone else did once too https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/is-jquery-enabled#post-257613

I’m looking for some quick help if possible, any ideas, I will start eliminating. It does not occur in in normal menus.

I noticed it in test (e.g. spinning discs by the post publish, media upload not working) but it was not happening in live, but now I have put in some modification from test to live it has started. Obviously something I have introduced, but if there is a quick tip I’d be grateful, as my release included some data changes, rolling backward isn’t an easy option for me.

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    Just to let you know, it was server RL mapping to lowercase and the file in easyblogger default themes has an upper case easyTooltip.js, causing a js error.

    Moral of the sort, don’t map your URL’s to lower case.

    It seems a bit crazy that WordPress MU won’t allow uppercase in the username in directory format (it goes to 404 error) but you can’t map at the server level, not just because plugin writers may use upper case in file names, but the media uploader allows uppercase file names and stores the url in mixed case, so server mapping ends up with broken links.

    Hey ho, learn something new everyday.

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