Easyblogging breaks normal admin and doesn't leverage 3.4 customizer

Easyblogger deliberately hides theme options, presumably to make things look less complex, on the easy blogger theme menu.

Unfortunately this 'breaks' normal admin use of themes as it hides the class .theme-options (in wdeb-global.css). There is no logic applied to this 'hide', so the 'theme options' are not seen on admin panels that are not using easy blogger.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, is that easyblogger's over zealous hiding means that the new 3.4. 'customizer' feature is no longer seen or clickable from easybloggers 'theme option' . The 3.4 theme customizer is a massive improvement in ease of use and should not be denied from easyblogger users (in my opinion)

There are work arounds, but I think this should be addressed.